Increase Accuracy of 5-Axis Machines

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CNC machining technology has advanced significantly since the adoption of G-Code the early 1960’s as the universal language for programming machine tools.  Our own CNC operators benefit from combining the accuracy of machine programming with the hands-on experience working with different types of metal alloys.  Specialty Welding and Fabricating does a lot of large-format fabricating, and when we’re milling on our Haas 5-Axis Milling Center, we’ve got experienced operators to make the adjustments necessary to compensate for the inherent variations when using large dimensional stock to create components.

Missouri University of Science and Technology researchers have found an approach that can greatly improve the accuracy of 5-axis machine tools used to fabricate large components.   Key to this new approach is the generation of compensation tables that can be fed into the machines to allow them to compensate for, and greatly reduce, errors. This is a significant departure from the piecemeal and less effective approaches of the past that forced operators to continuously recalibrate and cobble together several methods to reduce errors.

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