Mining Transfer Chute

Coke Transfer Chute for Mining Operation Conveyor System

coke-transfer-chute-interior-long-smallMining operations have complicated bulk material handling needs.  The interior lining of transfer chutes have to possess extremely high durability.  The main shell of this chute was constructed from 1/4” mild steel with 3/8” mild steel flanges.  The shell was then hot dip galvanized.  The triangular parts in the center of the chute are 1” thick “White Iron” cast alloy wear liners.  This material is not form-able, so we designed a triangular pattern to follow a curved concept design from our customer.  The plates were cut using our high definition plasma machine.  The other flat liner shown in the picture is 3/8” chromium carbide overlay on 3/8” A36 substrate (3/4” thick. overall).  This material was also cut using the high def. plasma. and is more commonly used in coke/coal handling.


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Chute Application Coke transfer chute for conveyor system at mining operation
Materials 1/4″ Mild Steel |1″ White Iron | 3/8″ Chromium Carbide Overlay | 3/8″ A36 Substrate | Galvanizing  | Hot Dip
Engineering 3D Manufacturing prints | Custom manufacturing process fixtures
Production Processes Plasma Cutting | Welding | Grinding | Drilling | Tapping | Casting
Application Transfer Chute for Conveyor System