Aluminum Melting Furnace

Specialty Welding and Fabricating of NY’s manufacturing engineers and production team fabricated a series of aluminum melting furnaces to be used in high-temperature, high-volume environments.  Customized jigs and tools were designed to insure quality and precision throughout the manufacturing process.  We created the complex covers and bodies to fully integrate to provide maximum efficiency and rapid temperature gain.

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Furnace Type Aluminum melting
Materials 10 ga. Carbon steel | Grade 304 Stainless Steel | Steel pipe | Steel chain | Steel fasteners | Urethane powder coating
Size 6′ wide x 5′ deep x 3.5′ high
Fuel Source Natural gas
Volume Capacity 2000 lbs. / hour
Interior Capacity 40 sq. ft.
Operating Temp. Range 1200* F to 1800* F
Engineering 3D Manufacturing prints | Custom manufacturing process fixtures
Production Processes Cutting | Welding | Grinding | Drilling | Tapping | Sandblasting | Powder coating
Finish Custom color urethane powder coat