Air Ride Belt Conveyor System

pipe_conveyor_shipEnclosed Air Ride Belt Conveyor System with Plenums for Food Processing Facility


Have you ever tried to move raw sugar over quarter mile as part of a sugar processing facility?  Then throw in the hot, humid tropical environment of Guatemala.  And for good measure, the raw sugar product has a high degree of abrasive qualities.  It’s no wonder the engineering company that designed this system needed a fabrication partner who had the production engineering expertise, as well as experience in the best welding and metalworking techniques that would make this project a success.  We fabricated and shipped out this 1200 ft. enclosed air ride belt pipe conveyor system for a major international food conglomerate whose standards were high and demanded tight tolerances.  The customer handled the on-site installation of the entire conveyor, chute, hopper and transfer components we fabricated.  The project required an exceptional amount of manufacturing engineering to achieve the relatively tight tolerances required. The pipe housing and plenum base were  manufactured of 10 ga. carbon steel supporting 16″ diameter Schedule 40 pipe.  Our engineers designed special fixtures to attach to the ends of each unit so the manufacturing team could have 360* access to all areas of the unit for welding, grinding, drilling, sandblasting and powder coating.

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  • The pipe conveyor was rendered in 3D by our manufacturing engineering department.
  • The tube entry portals were formed and welded
  • Welding details during grinding process
  • The tube portals welded to the pipe
  • The pipe housing and plenum base were formed on the brake press
  • The ends attached to the plenum channel and pipe housing
  • Another angle of the production line
  • The pipe was welded to the plenum base and housing
  • Details of the pipe conveyor with the bolting assembly attached
  • Special manufacturing fixture was attached to give 360* access to the production team.
  • Each unit was sandblasted in preparation for on-site powder coating
  • Customized urethane color mix was applied in our powder coating facility
Conveyor Type Enclosed Air Ride Belt with Plenums
Platform Material 10 ga. Carbon steel
Pipe Material 16” Schedule 40 pipe
Material Refined Sugar
Size Granular
Density 50 lbs/cu ft
Handling Rate 72 STPH
Belt Width 24”
Belt Speed 200 FPM
Troughing Angle 90 degrees
Ambient Operating Temp. Range -20* F to +115* F
Conveyor Lengths 140’ Link Conveyor | 1200’ Bulk Material Conveyance
Engineering 3D Manufacturing prints | Custom manufacturing process fixtures
Production Processes Cutting | Welding | Grinding | Drilling | Tapping | Sandblasting
Finish Custom color urethane powder coat